Google Released Data for Android Distribution 2017, Lollipop Leads, Nougat At 4.9%


The markets haven’t been kind to Android Nougat, even after six months of its launch, and Lollipop, another OS variant, continues to occupy the lion’s share.

Google Android Distribution

According to a week-long data by Google, collected till April 3, Android Nougat makes up for 4.9% market share. Even Jelly Bean, an Android OS launched five years ago, covers 10.1% market, which is still larger in reach when compared to Nougat. Android Lollipop is at the dominant position with over 32% of active devices running on it.

Nougat hasn’t reached its phase of glory as of now, despite an increase in its share on a daily basis. Case in point: the number of devices running on Nougat shot up to 2.1% from the previous month, which isn’t flattering, but worth to acknowledge.

We hope, things improve in the consecutive months, especially when Google has already released a developer preview of its next Android O.



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