Google Play Store test replaces star ratings with app sizes in some regions


Google is continuously experimenting with their Google Play Store app. The latest update is an experimental update where Google replaces the current star ratings with app sizes. This is a region specific update and currently rolling out in India. This means the update is for those countries where people have limited data access.

In Google Play, most of us use an app based on its quality and we judge the quality of any app based on its ratings. So replacing the star ratings with the app sizes from the Home page and search panel is not a very good idea. But there are some people who want to download low-size apps. For them, it will be helpful. Anyway, the star ratings aren’t totally vanished. You can still check by tapping the app icons from the result but that requires an extra step.

New Old Google Play UI

Another feature is being noticed that the app size is now showing within the listing too. Which is in our opinion a very good move by the developers behind this app.

All these new updates we found are from 720p display smartphones means budget-oriented smartphones only. So the update might be for very limited devices which are having less storage and less powerful hardware.

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