Google plans to revamp the Play Store making game discovery easier


If you had ever felt irritated when you don’t found any game worth downloading? Hopefully, that situation won’t continue to remain same for a long time. Google at its Developer Day event revealed its plans of adding more tools to the play store for the developers. By using those tools, the developers can check their game’s performance, and how its promotion is going on.


According to Google, the Play Store will now showcase the games that had more user engagement and star ratings despite giving priority to the number of installs. It also provides a way for Google to reward those developers who have more involvement of users.

Google will also soon establish a new game editorial page in Play Store where editors will be highlighting new game titles, which looks like the editorial segments in Apple’s App Store.

The Game Developers will now be able to run price promotions using the Google Play Console when Google launches it on Monday. While testing the new feature of Play Developer Console, Google saw 20 times more downloads when deals were running.

The Google Play’s director of product management, Paul Bankhead in a statement said

“There are many instances when great games don’t get the visibility and attention they deserve.”

Adding to it, he also said,

“We’ve begun tuning our algorithms to optimize for user engagements, not just downloads.”