Get the jazzy Pixel Dialer App for Marshmallow and Nougat devices


Google has gained more attention not only from the Internet marketers and web surfers but also from the mobile users by delivering good quality smartphones in reasonable price. With the entry of Pixel and Pixel XL being a side, you can experience the Pixel dialer app which is compatible only with Android device running on Marshmallow and up.


The User Interface (UI) in the Pixel dialer app is same like the older version, but few areas were reworked to enhance it. The color palette that was being used in the earlier version are slightly modified, the dull traditional tabs of Favorites, Call history and Contacts are not altered and visible same. The most appealing change is the UI of Incoming and outgoing calls which are tweaked to give a new look.

The on-call screen is changed to a crystal clear blue background for both Incoming and outgoing calls, by which the home wallpaper can be seen through it. The Incoming calls show up the contact photo if it’s assigned, the answer and reject buttons are also redesigned.

In case if you want to answer or reject a call you should swipe upwards or downwards, instead of swiping left or right for answering or rejecting the calls. The buttons totters up and down matching the device ringing in vibration mode.

If you are in the mood to give a try the Google’s Pixel Dialer App, be aware that you need to select it as default caller app, by replacing yours to work properly. You can do this by going to Settings>Apps and make sure that it as default “phone app”.

Google Phone 5.1 app is obtainable only to the Nexus device which runs on android version 6.0 and more. The patched version is provided below which will work fine on any other smartphone which runs on either Marshmallow or Nougat.

Since the Google Phone 5.1 app is derived from Pixel smartphone, you may think that you will be asked for root access to use the app. If you are thinking so, then you are completely wrong dear, just download the app and allow installation from unknown resource checked in settings and start installing it.

Each thing in this world has its ups and downs, same goes to the Google Phone 5.1 app which stops responding for some users while messing with app’s settings, and also some say that they can’t delete individual calls from the Call log, others saying that the caller id feature also not working for them. We Hope all the bugs will be fixed soon. Until then if you want to try out the new Google Phone App in your phone then follow the download links below.

Download Links

Pixel Dialer App for Nexus Phones

Pixel Dialer App for rest of the Android Phones



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