Galaxy Note 7 explodes in China, Samsung blames “external heating”


No sooner had the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 been released, it was recalled back due to numbers of battery explosion cases. Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 7 handset in China within this black period. In the Galaxy Note 7 campaign in China, the Korean Company advertised these models to contain safe end batteries which are unaffected by Samsung SDI juice packs. It was also declared that Amperex Technology Limited did the maximum share of battery production for Galaxy Note 7 models sold in China.


Recently, there was news of a Note 7 handset was caught on fire in China. The stagnated sale of Galaxy Note 7 could have gone worse with this kind of news, but the Korean company spared no time to explain in its official web portal that this particular case happened due to external heat exposure.

Samsung is quoted to say

“According to the burn marks on the sample, we surmise that the source of the heating comes from outside the battery, and it’s very likely that there was an external factor causing the heating problem.”

Thankfully, the Amperex battery components present in the handset were yet to be found faulty, and Samsung took back to this particular case, really fast. Otherwise, any repeat of the faulty handsets with faulty SDI juice packs would have further jeopardized the sale of Note 7.

If you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handset since its recall or you have exchanged the handset; there is no cause for concern!