Finally Google Maps for Android has ability to save Maps offline


Google Maps, the most popular Maps app has improved a lot in last two years. Google is updating this App continuously with bunches on new features.


Google has finally updated the App with all new “Wi-Fi-only” option. You will be able to set this option from Settings menu which will replace the “Offline Areas”. With Wi-Fi only option the App will now use only Wi-Fi data while you are connected to Wi-Fi instead of using cellular data.

Now a particular region can be downloaded from Google Maps for offline use. The data will be saved on the sd card or the internal storage in you smartphone.

The Product Manager of Google Maps, Amanda Bishop said,

“Entry-level smartphones come with internal storage capacities as low as 4GB, while higher-end models range between 8GB and 32GB. For many of us, that’s not enough for all the videos, music, apps, and photos we cram onto our beloved smartphones”


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