EA Sports FIFA game to release on Android and iOS on September 22nd


On September 22, EA Sports FIFA game will be released in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For iOS devices this FIFA game is already soft launched. Though the quality graphics game is free to download and install but some in-app purchases are also to be offered. One can build his team through player transfers and trades. As for an example, one can buy a defender through the in- app purchase if he needs a better defender. As soon as you are happy with your team, you can play tournaments with other teams.

fifa game

Controls are easier to work with and you can also change them according to your comfort. A right combination of tapping and sliding your Smartphone screen will allow you to set up scoring chances and score goals. Passing and kicking will be handled by the big buttons present in the right side of the screen while player navigation is handled by the left side of the screen.

The game is very realistic as it will not only allow you to basic moves but you can also cross pass, tackle slides and so on. You will get to know more about its realistic features when you score a goal and get to see what kind of celebration is going on in the screen. However like always when the season ends you won’t have to restart again next year as you can keep your current roster with player’s abilities updated based on how they performed in real life!



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