droPrinter: World’s first Smartphone Printer unveiled, set to launch in Q1 2016


droPrinter which is solely designed for Smartphones unveiled recently. It is very portable and can be carried easily in bags. The printer doesn’t need any ink to print because it uses Thermal paper. You can print anything which is showed in your smartphone from Text messages, notes to pictures and even web pages.


droPrinter has the rechargeable battery which will last more than 120 hours or 7 hours if you continuously print pages. The thermal papers are cheap and can be bought easily from online stores. Each paper rolls have 85 feet of paper. doPrinter is 1.65mm thick and 86mm tall.


The printer will be configured though an App which will be available both in iOS and Android. You can even customize doPrinter for your own. Company have released their price list for doPrinter and it’s accessories. One single printer will cost USD $60. The first 500 buyers will get it for USD $50. You can draw your own photo in the printer by just tipping $5.


Key Features
1.World’s first smartphone printer.
2.Portable and lightweight.
3.Can print anything shown on your smartphone.
4.Uses thermal paper you can buy anywhere.
5.Comes with smartphone app, both iOS and Andriod, it would work with third party apps in the future.
6.Easy set up, so you are printing in seconds.
7.Rechargeable battery that will last for more than 120 hours, which is 7 hours of continuous printing.
8.Print your own QR code to share with friends.

Checkout the product on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/droprinter/droprinter-the-worlds-first-smart-phone-printer


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