Customers Outraged in China as Samsung Executives Kneel to Apologize for Note 7 Flaw


Galaxy Note 7 failure has cost the Korean tech giant, Samsung quite a lot. Samsung has tried its level best not to lose its loyal customers against the Note 7. Note 7 failure will not ruin Samsung only if the company can deliver something flawless and great with its next flagship bearer.

Regardless of the Note 7 failure, most of the retail partners of Samsung in China have decided to support the company in dark time and in return, Samsung held an event in China and invited many of its local distributors and partners. In the event, all Samsung executives and staffs kneeled before the audience to thank these retailers for continuing support.


Unfortunately, kneeling in China is not a good custom so many Chinese customers decided to withdraw their loyalty from the Korean tech giant. Chinese media outlets described kneeling as a feudal society practice which should be done only under certain restricted circumstances. On the other hand, Chinese customers explained that the executives were not responsible for the Note 7 failure so they should not have kneeled in front of them.



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