Check Out This Screen.Lighting Flashlight On Indiegogo That Illuminates 100 Degree


A new crowdfunding campaign has landed on the platform Indiegogo aims to fund the development. The product is called Screen.Lighting which is according to the company the best portable and rechargeable Flashlight which can illuminate 100 degree.

This flashlight is for those who are looking for a stylish flashlight, a handy flash light with better wide-angle lighting than most conventional flashlights.


Based on the new ECO technology, the flashlight has been designed to last up to 24 hours, even when the energy is low.

The Screen.Lighting comes with wide-angle lens and the very robust design, the lamp is suitable for a variety of activities. You can attach the lamp to a bicycle or helmet while on the go or, for example, would like to climb. It is also weather proof and shock proof.

You can also use this flashlight for fishing at night. It is also great for camping adventures in nature as a spotlight.

The Screen.Lighting is a smart flashlight with ergonomic design designed to give every buyer a special experience. You can take them everywhere with you and easily stow away.



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