BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth Earphone Review


If you have ever researched the best bang-for-the-buck speakers or earphones on the internet, then you definitely know about the “BlitzWolf” brand. They are among the top speaker and earphones manufacturer out there offering great audio quality and stellar build quality all within a price tag that is very much affordable for every kind of buyers.

The BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 is the latest Bluetooth earphone from the manufacturer that features very pocket-friendly pricing. If you are interested to know more about the BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth earphone, then you are in the right place as in this article we have featured a detailed review on the same.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth Earphone Review

BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth Earphones Review

Design and Build Quality

Let us begin by talking about the design and build quality. Despite being a model focusing on the budget section of the market, the BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 has a very sturdy and good-looking build.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth Earphones Review

Even though plastic is the material used for the earphone body construction, it gives a really premium feel when touched and the design too isn’t boring at all. One important point to note is that even though this is a Bluetooth-enabled model, there is a cable connecting both the earphone modules and the cable length and quality is also superb.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth Earphones Review

The BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 even manages to satisfy fitness-oriented users with its IPX5 rating for sweat resistance.


The BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 comes with shark-shaped adjustable ear-hooks and different sized earbuds to ensure that the earphone fit perfectly in all ear sizes.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth Earphones Review

Overall, the earphone stays perfectly fit even when performing rigorous activities like workouts. Apart from that, the weight distribution is also well-maintained thus wearing them isn’t an issue even for a longer period of time.

Sound Quality

With a price tag of around $35, you cannot really expect the BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 to be the best sounding earphone of 2019. However, for people with an open mind, the sound quality of this earphone does not disappoint at all.

Well, let’s clear all misunderstandings here. The BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 has a clear and crisp audio output unlike the rest of the competition where audio seems cracked or distorted along with all volume levels.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth Earphones Review

The low, mid, and high sound output by this earphone is really acceptable considering the price tag and a very decent amount of bass is also present.

However, if you need wall-cracking bass effects along with great treble and vocal output, then this earphone will mostly not suffice you as it lacks in that department.

Battery Performance

The BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 features a 110mAh battery that can power the earphone for up to 8 hours once fully charged. In our testing, the battery performance stays solid as advertised and standby times are even longer at over 22 hours.

BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 Bluetooth Earphones Review

If you are not satisfied with the battery rating, then you should also know that charging the BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 from 0 percent to a 100 percent only takes about 2 hours, which means that you can get it charged pretty quickly and get long hours of use no matter where you are.


A Bluetooth 4.1 (CSR8635) chip is used inside the BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 for connectivity. The benefit of this chip is that it is very much energy efficient and offers high-quality sound output with minimum loss of effects and voice.

Using Bluetooth 4.1 also allows you to connect two devices to the earphone and use them simultaneously without any hassles.

Apart from Bluetooth 4.1, there is also an inbuilt mic, LED indicator, and play/pause buttons within this earphone for easier and convenient use.

Final Words

If you are in the market for a sub $35 earphone and aren’t nitpicky about the features and experience you get, then the BlitzWolf BW-BTS3 is a great choice that ticks all the important boxes for a superior budget-friendly earphone.

If you already own a pair of BlitzWolf BW-BTS3, then please do leave a comment below featuring your experience and review about the product.

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