Download Art of War 3: PvP RTS strategy APK (v1.0.55)


The Art of War 3: Global Conflict (AOW) is one of the unique mobile MMO real-time strategy war game and in the best customs of Red Alert and Command & Conquer series. In this game, you have to command, conquer and defeat your enemy on the battlefield. The gameplay is set shortly where the world is overwhelmed by a global warfare amid two battling teams – the Confederation and the Resistance.


What you have do is, just randomly pick a team and compete against others to win in this battle. Interestingly, each faction has its unique abilities, combat style, strengths, and weaknesses. So choose your team wisely and smash the enemy troops.

Art of War 3 APK Download

What’s New in v1.0.55

  • Graphics productivity has been improved.
  • Critical fixes for quick battle restoration in case of accidental exits during the battle.
  • Some other bugs are fixed.

»»Download Art of War APK««

In the Art of War 3: Global Conflict game users must compete against other players in real-time online PvP battles. To emerge as victorious, the players must execute new tactics and cultivate their winning strategies to defend their base. The players can upgrade infantry, tanks, land vehicles, navy and air force to create their unique army. Later by using which they can attain royal supremacy over their enemy in the battlefield.

In this online real-time strategy (RTS) modern war game the player can control each troop directly like in Red Alert or Command & Conquer. The Real-time online PvP battles in the game with excellent detailed graphics will make you feel like a general on a battlefield.

Besides from PvP battles, the game also contains plenty of single-player campaign missions for each division including dozens of hours of game time. There are tons of super weapons which you can equip in tanks, vehicles, and warships to be more powerful against your enemy. Moreover, you can also join and form a clan with your friends, and compete against other groups to dominate the world.

The Art of War 3: Global Conflict game is available on Google Play Store for free to download. The game weighs around 80MB in size, and it requires the stable internet connection for uninterruptible gameplay. So go ahead and start commanding your troops and conquering the enemies territories.

You can download previous versions of Art of War 3: Global Conflict game as well from Google Play or you can grab its APK files from here.


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