Apple Signs a $4.3 Billion Worth Deal With Samsung for OLED Display Panels


The display subsidiary division of Samsung Electronics has now officially signed a deal with Apple Inc., to provide them with 60 million units of OLED display panels which we will be seeing in the upcoming next generation Apple iPhone.

This is the second official deal signed for OLED display units between Samsung and Apple. The previous deal was for Samsung to provide 100 million OLED display units to Apple, also for the upcoming Apple iPhone.


Samsung has been one of Apple’s major supplier of display units over these years, and this new deal shows how important Samsung-made displays are for Apple iPhones.

The combined 160 million OLED displays will make up around 80 percent of the predicted shipments of the next Apple iPhone, as in 2016, Apple sold over 200 million iPhones.

Even though we are expecting Apple to launch three different iPhone models this year, only the premium top notch variant is expected to feature the OLED display, according to trusted sources.



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