Apple iPhone 8 pricing to start from $850, 256GB Variant might reach $1000


Earlier reports about the iPhone 8 stated that Apple to buy 70 million OLED displays, which will mark the 10th-year anniversary of the Apple iPhone. Today we receive a bit more insight onto how the Apple iPhone 8 will likely be priced.


Latest predictions claim that the Apple iPhone 8 will be priced higher than its predecessors. Rumors state that the 64GB variant of the Apple iPhone 8 will begin at $850 whereas the topmost 256GB variant will cross the $1000 mark, thus making it the first Apple iPhone model to feature a 4-digit price tag.

The next Apple iPhone, dubbed so far as the Apple iPhone 8, is expected to feature a 5.8-inch OLED display. Other rumored features of the iPhone 8 include the ditching of the home button for a display-integrated “Function Area”, something similar to what Apple has done previously on the latest Macbook.