Animated Pentol Stickers for WhatsApp is now available in Google Play


Pentol is one of the cutest characters on the internet. The character is widely used as stickers and wallpapers. There are a lot of pentol sticker apps for WhatsApp available in Google Play and some of them have really great collection. But there were no animated pentol stickers until a developer called Mr.Ray has recently launched his new app called “Animated Pentol Stickers” which has a really good animated stickers collection.

pentol animated stickers

So far, this is the first quality animated stickers app on Pentol. It comes with more than 80+ stickers and all of them are very funny and cute. The stickers are very expressive and situation based so it helps the users to express their emotions with friends perfectly. Now let’s see how you can easily install Android Pentol Stickers for WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Steps To Use Animated Pentol Stickers App

  1. First, download the Animated Pentol Stickers app from Google Play.
  2. Now go to Google Play again and update the WhatsApp.
  3. Now open the Pentol Animated Stickers app and select the desired pack.
  4. Tap on the “+” button and it will add the sticker pack on your WhatsApp.
  5. Now go to WhatsApp sticker section and you will find all the latest pentol animated stickers.

That’s how easy you can use these animated stickers on your smartphone. If you need any help or have any suggestions regarding this topic don’t forget to give your feedback through the comment section.


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