Android’s Founder Andy Rubin to Release New AI-Based Bezel-less Smartphone


Andy Rubin, one of the masterminds behind Android Operating System as we know it today, is making preparations to announce a new company named ‘Essential’, and is also readying an AI-based high-spec smartphone, reports Bloomberg. As per the insights, Rubin’s new company will develop its niche in AI-centered industry that manufactures smartphones and other modern-day devices.


Bloomberg has revealed that Rubin is willing to roll out a premium smartphone, equipped with a bezel-less screen, and priced much the same as iPhone 7. A prototype of the device features a 5.5-inch display, same as iPhone 7 Plus, but has smaller footprint due to thinner bezels.

The new flagship from the house of Essentials will support add-on accessories, which is an exciting side to the story. This feature is crafted on the same lines of Motorola Moto Z series, which has compatibility with Moto Ads.

EssentialĀ is expected to be a 40-member strong company, which have previously worked for the top guns in the industry, such as Google, Samsung, and Apple. It is known that Rubin, who will helm Essential as CEO, has talked about his individual venture at CES 2017 earlier this month.

Bloomberg further reported that the first ever Essential smartphone would be launched midway through 2017. However, nothing definite can be ascertained yet.