Android Pay is now available in New Zealand for making payments


Recently the people from countries like Hong Kong, Poland, and Australia were able to make their payments using Android Pay. Right now, the Android Pay has launched in New Zealand more than four months later the start in their neighbouring country, Australia. However, the search giant, Google is slowly rolling out its payment system in one region at a time.


The users can use Android Pay on all the places where contactless payment are acceptable in New Zealand. It works on shops and restaurants like The Warehouse, Domino’s, BurgerFuel, BP and McDonalds. To make payment using Android Pay, you just need to wake your phone and keep it closer to the contactless terminal. Luckily, the stores that have already installed contactless terminals won’t require any additional work to enable Android pay functionality. Since the app automatically work on its own.

If you want to use Android Pay in New Zealand, you must own a BNZ Flexi Debit Visa card. As far now, it seems to be the only card supporting at the moment. If you possess any other card than this, you’ll not be able to use it. However, it’s necessary to mention that your actual card number will not be disclosed to stores when you make payments.

If you are from New Zealand, own an Android device compatible with NFC, and have the card mentioned above then grab the Android Pay from Google Play and kick-start purchasing.

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