Android O Developer Preview Unveiled by Google: Here Are Its Best Features


Google has finally unwrapped its latest Android O and introduced its developer version to the world. However, we are still in the unknown what ‘O’ stands for. It was highly conjectured that Google will name its latest offering as ‘Android Oreo’, but it seems an official announcement in this regard is days away.

Android O

Dave Burke, Google’s VP of Engineering, while giving an insight into Android O, has said that it is still at a nascent stage, and there is a good deal of work that is needed to be done with respect to its performance and consistency of operations.

Top Features

1: Google’s Android O is coming up with additional automatic limits on apps’ functioning in the background, and thereby, contributes majorly in saving the battery life of the device in question.

2: Android O has a smart notification channel, giving total flexibility to block or snooze a particular type of notification in a single push. So, notification management has a lot of freedom attached to it and can be dealt with complete ease.

Notification panel - Android o

3: Autofill Apps have entered the big picture with Android O. Now, users can fill passwords and other details while accessing any autofill app on the device. Very awesome, indeed!

4: Android O supports picture-to-picture transition across the OS. This means users can easily minimize the video if they have something else to do. Plus, developers can easily choose the aspect ratio and adjust custom interactions on a minimized window.

Android O

5: The latest Android OS is packed with the best wireless audio facility, and brings high-end Bluetooth Audio Codecs, such as LDAC code. Besides this, users can enjoy AAudio, which is a high-performance API for apps.

The developer preview of Android O has an updated SDK, which makes it workable on Android emulator, and smartphones like Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C devices.

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