Where is Xur Today? Destiny Location and Invetory for this week (July 28-July 30)


Once again, the time has come to check out where Xur is this time to find the latest XUR Destiny Location this week and where is he going to sell this week. Before we start, we will give a brief introduction of Xur and Destiny.

Bungie created Destiny, which is a very popular and fast growing online-only first-person-shooter video game. It comes with sorts of magnificent fast pace combats, content rich missions, PvE and PvP environments, a variety of weapons, and much more. Overall, Destiny is an unlimited entertainment package.

Where is XUR

Who is Xur?

The availability of Exotic Items distinguishes Destiny from other FPS games. One can acquire these Exotic Items from various in-game sellers run by merchants. Xur is one of those merchants. Xur is also known as The Agent of the Nine. This particular merchant travels throughout the game world and provides a collection of rare Exotic items. In order to collect some of those rare Exotic items check out the details given below. We will let you know where Xur is in this week. Read out the whole article to know where is Xur located this week.

Every week, Xur: Agent of the Nine offers new Exotic Items. On selected dates of every week, Xur takes his vendors to a new location and lets you reach out to him. From time to time, Xur brings various useful items such as stuff that help to improve your game character.

Yet, once again Xur, Agent of the Nine is back in Destiny with rarer Exotic Items over which you can spend your strange coins. However, in order to buy Exotic Items from Destiny Xur, you have to first find him out!

XUR Location This Week (July 28 – July 30)

Where is XUR This Week?

Xur this week is at the Tower by the Crucible Quartermaster, which is situated opposite to the Shaxx. To be more clear, from the spot you spawn on, go straight and then when you see the stairs, go down it, and as you end the stairs, the Xur will be positioned to your left side.

What is XUR Selling This Week?

Here are the items XUR will be selling this week (July 28-July 30):

No Backup Plans [Titan Gauntlets]:

  • Intellect: 34-58.
  • Defense: 280-400.
  • Discipline: 34-58.
  • Strength: 34-92.

The No Backup Plans [Tital Gauntlets] will cost you 13 strange coins.

Skybruners Annex [Hunter Helmet]:

  • Defense: 280-400.
  • Intellect: 38-104.
  • Discipline: 38-65.
  • Strength: 38-65.

The Skyburners Annex [Hunter Helmet] will cost you 13 strange coins.

Starfire Protocol [Warlock Chest]:

  • Intellect: 51-86.
  • Discipline: 51-138.
  • Defense: 280-400.
  • Strength: 51-86.

The Starfire Protocol [Warlock Chest] will cost you 13 strange coins.

No Land Beyond [Sniper Rifle]:

  • Attack: 280-400.
  • Magazine: 6.

No Land Beyond [Sniper Rifle] will cost you 23 strange coins.

Legacy Gauntlet Engram:

The Legacy Gauntlet Engram will cost you 29 strange coins.

Bad Juju and Hoodoom:

The Bad Juju and Hoodoom will cost you 30 strange coins and 25 silver dust.

Telesto and Lingering Vestige:

The Telesto and Lingering Vestige will cost you 30 strange coins and 25 silver dust.

XUR Location This Week (July 21 – July 23)

Where is XUR Location This Week?

This week the XUR Location is on the balcony that is nearby the Speaker.

What is XUR Selling This Week?

Below are the items sold by XUR this week (July 21-July 23):

Thagomizers [Titan]:

  • Intellect: 34-92.
  • Defense: 280-400.
  • Strength: 34-92.

The Thagomizers [Titan] will cost you 13 strange coins.

Kuncklehead Radar [Hunter]:

  • Intellect: 39-67.
  • Discipline: 39-67.
  • Strength: 39-67.
  • Defense: 280-400.

The Knucklehead Radar [Hunter] will cost you 13 strange coins.

The Ram [Warlord]:

  • Intellect: 39-67.
  • Discipline: 39-67.
  • Strength: 39-106.
  • Defense: 280-400.

The Ram [Warlord] will cost you 13 strange coins.

MIDA Multi-Tool [Scout Rifle]:

  • Attack: 280-400.
  • Magazine: 21.

The MIDA Multi-Tool [Scout Rifle] will cost you 23 strange coins.

Whatever Exotic Item you want to buy from Xur, choose your items carefully and tactically and find Xur first in The Tower before he leaves.


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