SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review : Best storage solution for your Smartphone?


Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

Its been years that USB sticks are being used heavily to store data. With time the USB stick has been improved mostly in speed and designs. The copying and writing speed has been increased a lot with time but the basic funda is still same, we need to insert the USB stick or use a OTG cable tats all.

But the recent technology of Wi-fi has changed the way we transfer. The trend actually came from a popular App Xender or Flash Transfer. The latest USB Stick which is made by SanDisk using the same technology. Lets check how it works and how it can be very useful in our daily life.

Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

So basically how it works?

The Wireless USB Stick by SanDisk uses WiFi to connect and pair with another device like smartphones and PC. Using the Wifi you can view and use the files you have inside the USB storage.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

The build quality of SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is very good. It is made of plastic but looks very premium. On the front it has Diamond shaped design which give it a premium look. The body is of black color. On the right side of this device there is a little button to turn the WiFi Hotspot on and off.

Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

When coming to the the ease of access this device works flawlessly. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick can be accessed from anytime with your smartphone or pc which has Wi-fi support. As these days all the smartphones and pcs come with Wi-fi support so it will not a problem to connect. You can go anywhere with this stick and even listen to songs for hours and watch videos in your smartphone and when you are in home just plug it in a USB port to charge.Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick Review3

With SanDisk Connect the files can be accessed via an App which supports all the platforms Android, iOS and Windows. So it doesn’t matter which device you have! You can access the files easily through the App. One thing we don’t like about the App is it’s design. The app could have been much better. But still its good enough to use.

First you need to turn the device on using the button on the right side of it. It will blink a light then. Now you need to turn on the App and it will find for the device. After connecting the device the file manager will of your wireless stick will be accessible.

The battery life of this USB stick is good enough. It can stream HD movies upto 5hours in a single charge. The LED notifier also shows you the power level and WiFi status. The stick can be charged within 2 hours using any PC and then you can continue again.

Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick Review

From 2014 so many smartphones companies are not giving MicroSD support in their flagship smartphones and basically you are stuck in some variants like 32GB or maybe 64GB. But this SanDisk Connector Wireless Stick can be very useful for those users. I am personally using it with Xiaomi MI3 and I am stuck at 16GB.

Having all the features you might think that SanDisk Connector Wireless Stick will not be fit in your pocket but that’s not, its like a regular size USB stick and we can carry it very easily anywhere we want. This little USB Stick is a great solution of storage problem that we face sometimes. And from my own perceptive this is a must have device. Well the USB stick comes in different variants.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Prices

  • 16GB Variant – Rs 2390
  • 32GB Variant – Rs 3190
  • 64GB Variant – Rs 4790
  • 128GB Variant– Rs 7990


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