Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reportedly to get in-display fingerprint sensor, not Galaxy S9


While all the manufacturers are going towards Bezel-less display the in-screen fingerprint sensor is getting more important. Samsung introduced Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with an awkward placement of Fingerprint sensor because on the front panel there was no space to place the sensor. The same thing will happen with Galaxy Note 8 series and Galaxy S9 according to a new report by KGI Securities.

Galaxy S8+

Qualcomm introduced the in-screen fingerprint technology back in June and Vivo was their first customer to get it. But the technology is very new so it will take some time to work everything perfectly. While Samsung can’t take another risk because of their previous Note 7 fiasco. So, Samsung will work on it and if everything goes right they will introduce the in-screen fingerprint reader in Galaxy Note 9.

It’s not the Samsung only, even Apple is also going to through hurdles to get this feature. According to a new report, Apple has given up this year and iPhone 8 is going to have a virtual button instead.

According to KGI, Samsung will have selling points Galaxy S9 so the company will not implement anything new in a hurry.

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