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The Badland 2 is a sequel of Badland which is a side-scrolling action adventure platform game. The gameplay set in a dense forest with a lot of inhabitants, trees, and flowers. Similar to its previous game, the player also flies all over a little black creature through the woods of the Game. The Badland 2 comes with intuitive two-touch controls and innovative level design gives excellent gaming experience.

However, the game features different elements that were not present in the previous Game. This game offers new tactics like flying in both directions and new obstacles such as water, liquids, flamethrower, frost, magma making it hard to survive. Additionally, there is also a new mode that turns the creature into a rolling wheel which may help the player in surviving. Besides these, Badland 2 also offers separate challenges stages for the player to compete against their friends via online leaderboards.

It’s worth to mention that Badland is an award-winning game which took side-scrollers to the next level with its innovative gameplay. Obviously, BADLAND 2 is incremental to it with plenty of new features, crazy levels, online events and stunning graphics. The developers update the game with more new features, and now a new update is available whose changelog is below.

What’s new:

  • A new level pack ‘WARZONE’ with ten new levels.
  • One try (passed without dying)- badge now available for each level.
  • 44 new achievements to unlock, including nine new ones.

Download the new version from APKMirror or upgrade it from Google Play.


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