Two-in-One Borofone BE10 Wireless Earphone Review


The Borofone BE10 two-in-one wireless earphones let you use it either as a wireless single earpiece or as a wireless earphone.

This much said, the Borofone BE10 wireless earphones do look interesting and today we are here with a review of them after using the earphones extensively.

So how do the Borofone BE10 earphones work as a 2-in-1?

When you buy the Borofone BE10 earphones, in the box you get a pair of earphones that are connected to an extension with a MicroUSB port and you also get another single earpiece and a pill-shaped module.

If you connect the single earpiece to the module, you can use the Borofone BE10 as a single earpiece device similar to a Bluetooth handset or else if you connect the module to the MicroUSB port, you can use the Borofone BE10 earphones that come bundled in the box as well.

Borofone BE10 2-in-1 Wireless Earphones Review

Now that you know how the Borofone BE10 2-in-1 wireless earphone works, let us get going with the detailed review.

Build Quality

Borofone BE10 Earphone Review

The overall design of the Borofone BE10 is slim and light, which makes it quite easy to use them even for an extensive amount of time.

Even though the module itself is made of plastic, the construction is really sturdy.

Borofone BE10 Earphone Review

The earphones are made of metal and plastic and the build quality feels solid. The cable, even though made of plastic, features a fake braided look.


The design of the Borofone BE10 2-in-1 is really unique with the swappable module, the dual earphones, and the single earpiece.

The earphones are available in three colors: Gold, Black, and Red.

The top portion of the module features the MicroUSB port to connect the dual earphones or the single earpiece and on the front, there is the Borofone branding and a LED indicator as well.

Borofone BE10 Earphone Review

The side portion of the module has the volume up/down button and the power button.

Both the earphones and the single earpiece are in-ear styled and comfortably fit on the ears. The silicone earbuds are swappable and earbuds of different sizes come right within the package.


In technical terms, the Borofone BE10 dual earphones come with 10mm drivers that offer an impedance of 32ohms.

The quality of audio produced by the Borofone BE10 is good enough and not worse by any means, however, the BE10 is neither the best sounding Bluetooth earphones by any means either.

Borofone BE10 Earphone Review

The bass output by the earphones has a punchy feel and offers a nice experience. The drops and lows are also handled pretty nicely. Even though for a normal listener, the audio experience is good enough, for the bass-loving lot out there, you will feel wanting more out of what you get.

The vocal output is decent too but while hearing, it feels like the output lacks power. This can be because the drivers aren’t powerful enough to produce the best vocal. Still what you get out of the BE10 is comparable to the other options available and is clear and detailed as well but just lacks a bit of tuning.

At high volumes, the earphones seem to struggle to keep up and there is definitely distortion in the output at peak volumes. To get the best audio experience out of the Borofone BE10, the recommended volume level is about 70%.


The 2-in-1 characteristic of the BE10 allows the earphones to be carried anywhere you go. For phone calls, the bundled single earpiece is a great benefit.

Borofone BE10 Earphone Review

The fit and finish of the single earpiece are also really great offering great levels of comfort even when moving around and the earpiece does not even tend to fall out of the ear.

The main power button of the module can be used to answer/end calls.

Coming to the dual earphones, it is more oriented towards use while activity. No matter whether running, playing or working out, the cable of the earphones have ample length to make sure it fits comfortably around your neck and in case you wish to lengthen or shorten the cable, you can do that as well. In fact, you can adjust the length of each individual earphone.

Wireless Connectivity

The Borofone BE10 features Bluetooth 4.1 for connectivity and also supports HFR, AVRCP, A2DP, and HSP.

To pair the BE10 with your device, all you need to do is press the power button for a couple of seconds until the LED indicator starts flashing Blue and Red colors.

Once the color starts flashing, enable Bluetooth on your device and search for “Borofone BE10”. Tap on the Bluetooth icon of the earphones and connect.

The connection process just takes a couple of seconds.

Once the initial connection setup is done, repairing will only require you pressing the power key on the module and enabling Bluetooth on the device. The connection will then happen automatically.

The Borofone BE10 is mentioned to have a wireless connectivity range of up to 10 meters, and in our testing, this seems true in real-life conditions.


There is a 50mAh Lithium iON battery included within the module and is rated to offer up to 4 hours of either voice calls or music playback.

The battery does cross the 4 hours rated mark with the volume set around 70%, which is very much like how people will use it.

Once battery turns low, there is a voice prompt and also a visual indication will also appear wherein the LED indicator on the module will turn red in color.

Normal charging time is rated at around two hours, but like the battery backup depends on the usage pattern, the charging also depends on the charger used.

Upon fully charging, the LED indicator on the module will turn Blue in color.

Final Verdict

For those who are looking for a pair of earphones and also a single earpiece, the BE10 allows you to make a single purchase and have a 2-in-1 benefit rather than purchasing two different devices.

The price tag of about £40 is also not a lot considering what is being offered.

However, the module is the key piece in the working of the BE10 and as it is kind of small, losing it would be a disaster.

If carrying around a module for your earphones or earpiece is not an issue for you, then the Borofone BE10 is a good buy for the performance and functionality offered.


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