Apple Watch tops the Smartwatch market


According to a market research conducted by Kantar Wordpanel, Apple Watch commanded over the Smartwatch market from May to July this year. Apple Watch scored a perfect 33.5% share in the US market and 31.8% share in four other large Smartwatch markets namely, Italy, Germany, UK, and France.


The study further stated that 47% of the sale occurred within the smartwatch segment in America which means there is a growing interest over smartwatch. As per a study, a mere 4.7% of Americans and 3.2% of Europeans own a smartwatch whereas about 15.2% Americans and 8.1% Europeans use some kinds of wearable gadgets like sleep trackers and fitness bands. Therefore, as an industry as a whole, it is very good news for Smartwatch industry, though the estimates are well low than other wearable gadgets.

According to a research conducted by IDC, about 9.3% Americans and 11.3% Britons would go for some kind of a wearable gadget within the next year. However, the study further noted that customers are more biased to fitness bands and other wearable than a smartwatch.

Apple is trying to focus on integrating different technologies together with its Apple Watch Series 2. It is expected to serve both as a smartwatch as well as a GPS tracker and fitness tracker.


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