Core Team

Behind every well-crafted article, there is the hard work of Team members. Let us introduce you to our Team Members.

Soumyakanti Ray (Founder & Chief Editor)


Soumyakanti Ray is the Chief Editor and Founder of Rayarena. He is a full-time Blogger and a Software Developer. He likes to be updated with the latest technology. Apart from that he likes to do Photography, plays Cricket and Badminton.

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Saikat Mandal (Editor)


He is a Tech-Enthusiast and likes to be updated with the latest tech news. He is a part-time Blogger and a student of B.Pharm. Barcelona is his favorite football Club. After he completes his study he is planning to go for full-time Blogging.

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Subhajit Rom (Author)

Subhajit Rom

He is a Tech lover or in other words a “tech geek.” He loves to be always updated on any tech platform. Besides that, he is also a student of Chemistry and a part-time Soccer Freestyler.

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