Samsung Q3 income outperforms despite Note 7 issues


Despite the issues, Galaxy Note 7 reported to generate a higher than estimated income since sales resume. As per the Samsung report, the company has generated an income of 7.8 trillion KRW during the third quarter of 2016 which is 6% higher than that of last year’s 7.4 trillion KRW. Further, it happened despite a 5% drop in sales drop every year.


Some financial analysts calculated that Samsung could have invested around $1.8 billion for Note 7 recall. However, according to an SK Securities analyst, Kin Young Woo, mobile business profit has dropped to the most within the last three-quarters of the year. It seems that these costs were balanced out of Samsung’s Smartphone component business such as memory chips and displays.

As per Kim’s estimate, Samsung could drive a massive growth in the last quarter of the year with the help of these mobile components like chips and displays.


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