Google Play Store 7.8.32 APK Download


Google Play Store is the hub of all Android apps and games and you already know it. The Google Play Store app is now so much improved and since last three years, Google has worked very hard to give this app a proper shape towards future. This app gets new frequent updates to for more stability on all the Android phones and tablets out there. You can easily update the app from the Play Store itself but you can also download the Google Play Store apk files directly.

Google Play Store

Update [May 17, 2017]

Google has sent out another update for Google Play Store. Although they haven’t published any changelog for it. So we assume it is a stability update with minor bug fixes.

Update [April 20, 2017]

Google has rolled out another latest update for Google Play Store. This new version of Google Play Store is 7.7.31. The previous update was 7.7.17. We haven’t found any significant changes in this app. You can download the latest version apk below.

Update [April 14, 2017]

After a week, Google has rolled a new update for Play Store with version no 7.7.17. This version has been updated from 7.7.09. Google haven’t disclosed anything regarding the changes to this app. You can find the download links below.

Update [April 6, 2017]

Google has rolled out a new update for Play Store with version 7.7.09. We haven’t found any massive changes. This might be stability update. You can download the updates for Android smartphones below.

Play Store APK Download

Google Play Store 7.8.32

Download: Google Play Store 7.8.32 [May 17, 2017]

Google Play Store 7.8.16

Download: Google Play Store 7.8.16 [May 11, 2017]

Google Play Store 7.8.15

Download: Google Play Store 7.8.15 [May 2, 2017]

Google Play Store 7.7.31

Download: Google Play Store 7.7.31 [April 20, 2017]

Play Store 7.7.17

Download: Google Play Store 7.7.17 [April 14, 2017]

Play Store 7.7.09

Download: Google Play Store 7.7.09 [April 6, 2017]

Play Store APK Download (Android TV)

Play Store (Android TV) 7.6.05

Download: Google Play Store (Android TV) 7.6.05 [April 4, 2017]

Play Store (Android TV) 7.5.08

Download: Google Play Store (Android TV) 7.5.08 [February 18, 2017]


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