Google Allo smart messaging app now available for Android and iOS


As expected Google took on renowned messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger by launching Allo Smart Messaging app for both Android and iOS platform. Allo Messaging app was first announced back in May in the I/O conference.

Just like other messaging apps, Allo uses the phone number as primary identification and then you have the option to link it with your Gmail id. Allo comes with Google Assistant integration along with an inbuilt Google search.


With the Google Assistance feature, you can converse with the app to find a nearby landmark or to get the latest news. Initially, this assistant is launched only in English, other languages will be updated later. The best part is, you will be able to chat here in incognito mode, which means your messages will be end to end encrypted along with additional privacy settings.


The app is packed with a handful of sticker varieties. Features like Smart Reply can be used for a quick reply to questions with just a single tap. Further, the app not only suggests quick replies but also photos. With this app, you can write, edit and doodle photos and share them.



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