Top 10 Best Android Apps Of March 2017


Nowadays, it’s very difficult and consumes a hell lot of time to find the best and useful apps. Google should redefine Play Store allowing only useful and quality apps to stay in the market. There are loads of shitty apps getting launched every day in the google play store. You can’t just download each and every app to see how it works because there are millions of apps. Most probably you will end up wasting your time for trying crappy apps which aren’t useful at all. But now you don’t have to worry about it anymore, today in this article we’ll share some of the Best Android Apps released in this month. So without giving any further introductions, let’s get started and find out the Top Android Apps.

Top 10 Best Android Apps Of March 2017

Best Android Apps

1. Skype Mingo

No doubt Skype is one of the best platforms for video calling. Skype Mingo app sums it up to make it even more exciting and useful. The app will provide a one-stop solution for all your calls and SMS requirements. Moreover, you’ll get unlimited access to all the Skype bots with the help of Mingo. It also acts as data monitor, so that you can have full control over your data usage. Mingo is packed with many advanced features which will surely help you to reduce your expense on calls and messages.

Skype Lite
Developer: Skype
Price: Free

2. Posture – be mindful.

Posture is a Free Android app which will help you in avoiding the pressure on your neck. Nowadays, an average person spends more than 5 hours a day looking at his phone. This can cause severe neck damages, and Posture jumps in the pitch to avoid such problems. The app will alert you whenever your neck is under pressure; it uses your device’s gyroscope to work. The app will give you relief from putting stress on your neck. Posture is something which everyone should keep installed on their devices; it definitely deserves a try.

Posture - be mindful.
Developer: Pressure Labs
Price: Free+

3. Official App Of TWRP:

Here comes the much awaited TWRP( Team Win Recovery Project) app. Now TWRP users don’t have to browse the internet to know about the updates; the app will let you know the upcoming updates. You can directly install the updates (if available) on your device using the app. You will also receive alerts/notifications if any updates were released for your device’s model. I guess I don’t have to mention about the Root privileges, but still, if you don’t know then let me inform you that the app will require Root Privileges in order to install the updates.

Official TWRP App
Developer: Team Win LLC
Price: Free

4. ExaGear

Many players have entered in the android’s emulator’s market in the past, but most of them realized that it’s quite impossible to run an emulator on an Android. Though some of the emulators were able to run on Android but none of them were smooth and appealing. ExaGear is jumped in the market now; users can actually Windows OS on their Android devices with the help of ExaGear. The app will be able to run Windows OS on ARM-based Android devices virtually; you can only use quite old fashioned apps and games on this emulator. ExaGear is priced at 29.99$ in the google play store currently.

ExaGear - Windows Emulator
Developer: Eltechs
Price: $29.99

5. Demo Mode Tile:

Demo Mode Tile is something which every blogger or Youtuber will find useful. People who are looking for something which is capable of capturing excellent screenshots within a blink of an eye can try out this app. The app needs to be setup from ADB shell which requires a PC to do. After the setup, the apps works as smooth as butter. It comes with pre-configured settings which mean you don’t have to mess up with the settings to capture flawless screenshots. Definitely, a great app with lots of potentials, though it comes for free as of now in the Google play store.

Demo Mode tile
Developer: Francisco Franco
Price: Free

6. MoodCast Dairy

If you’re someone who has no control over your mood then here is a perfect solution for you. MoodCast dairy will keep a record of your daily activities and also your mood. By seeing the report, you can conclude your working behavior and also modify it. Moodcast Dairy also features an AI which can predict your mood by analyzing your social media channels like facebook account, twitter, etc.

7. FastKey Launcher:

FastKey is an advanced style keyboard which simplifies your way of your using an android device. The app can help you in finding the app which you’re looking for, or even a contact you’d like to call. All you need to do is just start typing the first letters of the app, contact, shortcuts which you’re looking for, within milliseconds Fastkey Launcher will throw all the relevant/related results to your search. The response time of the app is less than 16 MS which is phenomenal and something which you won’t be able to find in other similar apps.

FastKey Launcher
Developer: 100 Plus Inc
Price: Free

8. NBA InPlay

NBA In play is something which every NBA lover should think of installing. In short, NBA InPlay provides the second experience of NBA. The app is capable of automatically detecting any ongoing NBA matches from the satellite and will bring you all the details of the match at your fingertips. It’s a rewarding app where you’ll predicting the results of the players/matches, and in return, you’ll get points if your prediction is correct. NBA InPlay could be the best Android app of 2017 for NBA lovers.

NBA InPlay
Developer: NBA Digital
Price: Free

9. Gfycat Loops: GIF Cam+Recorder

I’m pretty much sure that you have seen tons of apps out there which can help you in converting videos into GIFs. GfyCat also does the same job but the way it does the job and results are so phenomenal than any other app. If you have any videos on your device, Gfycat can help you in converting them GIFs and share them on social platforms on the go. Not only just converting, but you can also find other people’s GIFs in the app and share them with your friends.

Gfycat Loops: GIF Cam+Recorder

10. Events From Facebook

As the name denotes, Events app is created by Facebook’s team. The app will let you to upcoming events around your location; you can easily find what all the events are going on near your location. It uses your device’s GPS to track your location, just download the app from google play store, log in your facebook account in the app, and you’re all set to bang up with events.

Events from Facebook
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free

So, guys, these were the best app for android of this month. These apps can easily help you in making your daily life comfortable by simplifying the tiny works. If you know any other worthy apps released this month, then do comment them below in the comment section. We will add them to our list as soon as possible. And lastly, feel free to comment if you have any queries or doubts regarding these apps.


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